In order to survive and prosper in a rapidly changing technological society, contemporary businesses must be willing to utilize all of the tools at their disposal, as well as seek out new and ever innovative approaches to marketing and advertising.

For most enterprises, the key to finding an anchor within this constantly environment is being able to identify and utilize marketing tools which have managed to stand the test of time. For SMEs, Facebook marketing can provide a wealth of promotional opportunities.

This handy guide to three of the most valuable Facebook marketing features will help you learn how to identify which tools and service are most likely to benefit your business.

1. Using the Core Audience Tool to Research Demographics

The general rule of thumb is that Facebook advertisements grow in influence as they are more accurately targeted at relevant audiences. This is where the Core Audiences feature can help, because it allows businesses to narrow down audiences using precise variables like location and interests. The tool also enables enterprises to analyse the specific characteristics of any target audiences which they know are likely to support their products and services. Once they know what these audiences are looking for, they can make sure that they do not stray by constantly providing it.

2. Knowing When to Invest in Multi Product Promotion

It is not uncommon for modern enterprises to rely heavily on advert retargeting as a tool for capturing the attention of new customers. It is fortunate then that Facebook is a platform which is constantly developing and expanding, and that it has now built upon facilities designed to target audiences using precise product combinations. For instance, a maximum of three distinct products can now be combined, linked, and promoted simultaneously. This allows for a much greater degree of exposure without the need for a lot more input when it comes to effort, resources, or expense.

3. Providing Digital Vouchers and Facebook Coupons

It is true that Facebook has spent a relatively long time now time assisting and supporting companies when it comes to posting online advertisements. Yet, its innovative Facebook Offers function is still a relatively new development. If you are not familiar with the tool, know that the service gives businesses the power to create specialist posts which can be promoted in conjunction with a selection of digital coupons and vouchers. If used skilfully, Facebook Offers can be an effective way to drive traffic towards a company website and boost the number of conversion rates, because it is giving prospective customers a good reason to follow outbound links.